What is Laodicea? Is Laodicea really about a God who is dismayed by the attitude of His people? Or does it go deeper? Let’s find out. We know that the concept of Laodicea is more than a good relation gone wrong, because the people failed to do the right thing. After all, God is used to the indifferences in His people; He’s been dealing with us since the church left Egypt.
Laodicea is about structuralism. The concept is about physics—God using natural water to make a spiritual point. In this case, the irregularity caused the water to stop boiling in the middle of the process of becoming hot. The transformation from cold to hot was disrupted, and the water got stuck at lukewarm. This is a spiritual phenomenon.
Herein we find the real reason in the concept of Laodicea: A deadly object carefully placed by the enemy to change the normal function/flow of the water. This deadly object placed in the water by the enemy is the reason for the urgent message to the church in the Laodicea season (see Revelation 3:14-22).

The generations of believers in the 21st century are the most socially driven and socially empowered in the history of the church. They see things quite differently. With access to advanced technology and various digital platforms, the new generation sees the church differently from the generations before them.