The problem with Laodicea

Lukewarm water cannot bring out kingdom flavors

The problem with Laodicea is that it is lukewarm. And, the problem with lukewarm is that it is a temperature God finds useless and He has a point because no one can use lukewarm water to make hot tea Let me show you a demonstration of hot-tea making.

Pour hot water here

If you decide to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea because the day was crazy, then this is the process Notice what happens when the hot water make contact with the bag Notice the transformation taking place inside the bag, the power of the heat, irritating and stimulating each piece of particle in the bag, forcing them to release their own unique flavor into the water

Every believer has been gifted by God to operate at optimum level. You are gifted and talented. However, depending on your surroundings, sometimes the gifts in you are stifled and you fail. The gifts are still there but you need to access them You must identify who you are in Christ and what your kingdom assignment is.

God is a consuming fire. Therefore, anything or anyone associated with Him by default will be affected by the fire We are affected to be effective and not defective, which by default is a lukewarm posture, God cannot use and He made His feelings known in Revelation chapter 3:14-22 This lukewarm posture is concerning to God because it lacks the power needed to heal the sick, restore blindness, solve real issues and cannot raise the dead. These are real life issues the church must be able to resolve, because we don’t want a repeat of Mark chapter 9 17 18, people brought their love ones seeking for help but the disciples were unable to deliver, and when they asked Jesus why? He told them: It’s you!

It’s you! Said Jesus…! Turn and take a good look at you, no one else, just you because if, the water is hot, you will be effective
But, there is a very serious question! Is it possible that the hot water affects everyone else but you? Everybody else releasing their gifts and talents but o no, not you
You rather be digging up something, i.e., dirt, so as to hide your talent, even if that’s your only responsibility

38 years, and the man sat next to his blessing and could only watch as others jumped into the water and got their release
38 years! The man waited and each year another disappointment
But wait, I can only speak for me: If were me, I am not talking about you, if it were me: I would start a dragging session…1,2,3, push, 1,2,3 push that’s 6 years, and the session continues…


Remember, your one single talent means everything to God
Yes, it means that you are talented. And, if your talent gets under the pressure of the hot water, it will release the uniqueness and you will become part of God’s kingdom flavors